Robin Girod, Xavier Bray, and Cyril Yeterian at the Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette.

Mama Rosin’s Facebook page  lists Amédé Ardoin, The Clash, and The Velvet Underground as a few of the band’s musical influences, and that gives a pretty good sense for what they’re all about. They’re three young Swiss guys psyched about the punk attitude they find in old cajun and zydeco music.

I had a chance to talk to them and see them play at the Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette at the end of April. Hopefully they’ll be back to the U.S. soon. Until then, here’s the story I did on them for The World, here’s their homepage, and here’s their Bandcamp page where you can listen to a bunch of their music. And you really should.

You can also read two blogposts I wrote while my friend Adam and I were tooling around in and around Lafayette, they’re here and here.

* Does anyone know why this is a thing cajuns are always yelling in their songs?