“Salsa Dura” (Hard Salsa) was the name of the classic, out-of-the-Bronx salsa music of the late ’60s and ’70s. Folks like Robert Roena y su Apollo Sound and Cortijo y su Machina del Tiempo. This driving, edgy, sometimes weird style was superseded in the ’80s by a smoothed-out salsa dubbed “Salsa Romantica.”

I knew nothing about this before The World asked me to do a story on the Richmond, VA-based salsa group Bio Ritmo. The group is made up of folks from all over the musical spectrum, and play a style of salsa that has more in common with the earlier, salsa dura stuff. I think they jam.

Here’s the story.

Cover art for Bio Ritmo's latest album "La Verdad." Artwork by Rei Alvarez, who's also the band's main vocalist and composer.

Cover art for Bio Ritmo’s latest album “La Verdad.” Artwork by Rei Alvarez, who’s also the band’s main vocalist and composer.