Julia interviewed Asra Nomani for an article on this demonstration at a D.C. mosque. Nomani was at the D.C. demonstration, and the issues there were similar to the ones she’d been protesting at her mosque in Morgantown, W.V. Nomani’s protests were the subject of the documentary The Mosque in Morgantown.

Turns out that the cousin of a classmate of mine from Columbia composed the score for the documentary–I found this out when the classmate posted a note on Facebook about the score being nominated for an Emmy. Here’s the story I did for The World about the composer, Kareem Roustom:

I think my favorite of Roustom’s compositions is the one called “Buhur.” It’s this concert music piece with three movements, each of which is inspired by classic Arabic poetic meters. You can hear the piece at Roustom’s website – go to “media” then “concert music.”

Although the arrangement he did for the Beyonce/Shakira joint “Beautiful Liar” is pretty awesome too. This song was stuck in my head for days while I was working on this story.